Uber and EyeEm collaborating on photo competition
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The international ridesharing app Uber is collaborating with photography app Eyeem on a photo competition.

Users of the Eyeem app are offered $20 credit to spend on their first Uber trip, during which they should photograph the driver, the ride and the destination.

The prizes for the best photos tagged and shared with „Capture the Ride with Uber“ are 1x$100 and 2x$50 in Uber credits.

Capture the Ride with Uber

The EyeEm/Uber competition, which runs until July 5, 2014, is announced on EyeEm’s official blog:

We’ve teamed up with Uber, the easiest way to find a driver, to take you where you want to go. We want you to get out and explore, which is why Uber is offering you your first free ride.

EyeEm users have already begun shooting photos of their Uber trips, which can be seen here:

Over 40 million photos have already been shared with the Berlin-based startup Eyeem, which has raced to 10 million registered users.

Uber recently launched its taxi service in Berlin amid much criticism from Berlin’s taxi drivers, who feel the app threatens their jobs.

EyeEm Uber screenshot© EyeEm

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