Web miscellany: 8 random facts that will surprise you
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From $25 smartphones to 44 million hours overtime, this edition of web miscellany features all sorts of interesting facts and figures from the global tech world and Berlin’s startup scene.

1.9% tax on $37 bn

The US Senate committee has called into question that Apple has been paying lower tax rates in Ireland. Apple has set up subsidiary accounts which are listed as unlimited companies and are not registered to pay tax anywhere in the world. The usual tax rates for companies of Apple’s stature in OECD countries would be approximately 24%, yet Apple have been paying only 1.9%. For Apple, this means a difference of over $7 billion.

Google is 70% male

Google recently released the gender and ethnic demographics of its workforce. The statistics showed that the company’s workforce is still male dominated, with women forming only 30% of the global team.

Sex app users up to 35% more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases

Apps such as Gindr and Tinder are said to be facilitating a more rapid change of sexual partners than ever before. Due to the brevity of most interactions, partners are not having conversations about sexual health and this is said to be creating a perfect environment for the rapid spread of STIs and HIV.

A smartphone for $25

Mozilla is attempting to break into emerging markets such as India with its latest smartphone. Mozilla worked with Alcatel and ZTE on the low cost phone which will be priced at $25 and will run on the Firefox operating system.

10,000 suicides

The University of Oxford and The London School of Hygiene recently released a report on suicide containing analysed data from 24 EU countries, the US and Canada. The report stated that up to 2007, the rate of suicide had been declining but by 2009 there was a 6.5% increase which remained at this level until 2011. Redundancy and other life pressures were thought to be the main triggers.

2.3 billion known websites

The web we use every day is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. Most of the internet is not even indexed anywhere and not linked to any other website. Nobody knows how many websites exist beyond the 2.3 billion pages that have been catalogued, but it is thought that the deep web is several times larger.

€763 a year for gadgets

A recent study revealed that Germans spend an average of €763 per year on gadgets. Most money was spent on smartphones and monthly phone contracts while the rest was split between tablets, laptops and ‚pay-tv‘ contracts.

44 million hours of overtime

Berlin’s employees are working 44 million hours of unpaid overtime a year. The Berlin fraction of Germany’s centre-left party, the SPD, who estimated the figure, have announced a campaign to reduce the amount of overtime in the capital.


Featured image: Facts Concept via Shutterstock. Copyright: Krasimira Nevenova

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