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WebMagazin has arrived in English.


Taking you to the far corners of the internet and behind the closed doors of Berlin’s business scene, webmagazin.de/en delivers the latest international tech trends as well as news and interviews from Germany’s most exciting startups.

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The latest content in English:

4 questions on every techie’s mind

  1. Is it worth updating to iOS7.1?

  2. Is Facebook bringing ads to WhatsApp?

  3. What’s happening to the Bitcoin?

  4. Is a cloud computing war starting?

WebMagazin delivers answers to the questions on every tech geek’s mind right now.

Cycling to work in Berlin: Staying alive and avoiding the fines

The Ordnungsamt (literally the “Department of Order”) are Germany’s misdemeanor police. If you plan on taking your bike to work, it pays to know what they’re looking for and what carries a fine in Berlin.

Berlin’s code enforcement officers are said to be less strict than their rural German counterparts, perhaps due to the sheer amount of infringements they encounter on a daily basis. When it comes to smaller infringements, you might get away with a warning. But it’s different matter when it comes to traffic lights.

3 European Whatsapp alternatives

Following the takeover by Facebook, many WhatsApp users have grown concerned about the future of the world’s most popular messaging app. With its already questionable privacy policy, WhatsApp’s pending integration with the social media giant has sent millions of users to messaging rivals. WebMagazin has taken a look at Europe’s answers to WhatsApp.

What’s it like to work for Idealo?


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Free fruit, flexitime and family-friendly: Idealo has over 550 employees and is currently hiring. WebMagazin takes a peek inside the Berlin offices of Germany’s biggest price comparison portal.

Berlin’s dating app: mbrace

Earlier this month, a question was stenciled onto pavements across Berlin: Who secretly fancies you? Berlin’s newest dating app mbrace is offering the capital’s single community the answer with just a few swipes. WebMagazin ask co-founder Jan Tillmann about the new hit app.


Feature image: Berlin, Germany view. via Shutterstock. Copyright: Sean Pavone

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