WebMagazin miscellany: 8 tech facts you probably don’t know
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Time, money and clicks: in the world of ones and zeros, numbers are what count. From the weight of the internet to the age of the smiley, here are eight facts and figures from the tech  and working worlds that you’ve never heard.


You’re not the only one complaining about slow internet speeds in the evening. Berlin’s internet speed slows down by 15% after 6pm, when most users are active. Read more on about Berlin’s internet speeds here.

1.4 sim cards

The average amount of sim cards every person in Germany owns. As of this year, over 115 million Germans have a mobile phone subscription.


The difference in annual salary between the average employee living in Berlin and Munich. Read more about salaries in Germany here.

$1 billion

The social acceptance of meeting your significant other online is increasing rapidly, particularly in the US. It is estimated that online dating generates over one billion US dollars in revenue every year.

2.3 billion pages

The web we use every day is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. Most of the internet is not even indexed anywhere and not linked to any other website. Nobody knows how many websites exist beyond the 2.3 billion pages that have been catalogued, but it is thought that the deep web is several times larger.

50 grams

In terms of mass, the internet is a bit of a lightweight. Using atomic theory, Physicist Russel Seitz calculated that the billions upon billions of moving electrons that make up the internet weigh a total of around 50 grams – roughly as much as the average strawberry.


The average wages for women in Berlin are 2% higher than the male equivalent. On a national level however, German men earn an average of 20% more than German women.

32 years old

On the morning of September 19, 1982, Professor Scott Fahlmann proposed that 🙂 and 🙁 be used to indicate funny and serious content. Although today the dash to represent the nose is frequently omitted, Fahlmann’s emoticon remains popular after 32 years of use in online messaging.

Feature image: Image of old typewriter keyboard with scratched chrome keys that spell out the word „FACTS“. Lighting and focus are centered on „FACTS“. via Shutterstock / copyright: Mark Carrel

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