WhatsApp down: messaging app users experiencing problems
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WhatsApp is currently in limited service for many of the app’s community. Since this morning, users have been experiencing difficulties connecting with the app as well as sending and receiving messages.

Although some users in German chat forums are reporting that functionality has been restored, WhatsApp has not yet commented on the downtime.

The WhatsApp Status Twitter account has not been updated since the server issues of February 22.

This is not the first occasion that WhatsApp servers have been down. The messaging service was down for several hours shortly after the app reported its record number of messages sent and received.

WhatsApp alternatives

Since Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp, many of the messaging app’s users been searching for alternative messaging services. Apps like mySMS, Telegram and Threema have reported enormous spikes in user registrations.

Although their user base is not as large as WhatsApp, meaning users may have trouble finding their friends, the app’s offer a range of advantages from SSL encryption and self-destruct functions. You can read more about WhatsApp alternatives here.

Feature image: HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS – FEBRUARY 2014, 2014: WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones with Internet access founded in 2009. via Shutterstock / copyright: Twin Design

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