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Where to find an English-speaking job in Berlin
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If you recently moved to Berlin in the hope of finding an English-speaking job, the good news is that it’s not an impossible challenge. With Berlin’s startup scene growing internationally, many companies are on the look out for English speakers.

However, finding the right job offers require a bit of research, time and patience. Here are several websites and pointers that English speakers can use during the job hunt.

Realistically do I need to speak German?

Jobs in Berlin are often advertised as English-speaking positions, yet more often than not, the office language will be German. It might also be that some aspect of the job, whether translating or emailing, will require basic working-level German. If you have some grasp of German, it would be worth illustrating your language skills in writing or at some point in an interview if the opportunity arises.

Employers will often give preference to candidates who are bilingual, to those that have studied the language or have lived in Germany for some time. But there are a number of Berlin-based companies such as Wooga, Ableton and SoundCloud where the working language is English.

The application process

When applying for office jobs in Berlin it is important to have patience and remember that there are often various steps involved in the job hunting process.

The initial application will involve sending prospective employers a cover letter and CV. For successful applicants, this will be followed by an initial interview either by Skype or in person. Some companies will arrange screening interviews with their HR manager before another interview with a senior member of staff takes place.

For copywriting, editorial roles or other jobs that involve writing in English you will be required to show your examples of previous experience. Applicants will often be requested to complete a written copy test specific to the job within a certain timeframe before a decision is made.

Many startups in Berlin are seeking native English speakers to help conduct business internationally, so sometimes it is sensible to contact the HR section of a company with an initiation application where you express interest in their firm. If they do not have openings they might keep your resume on file.

Useful websites

Berlin Job lists English speaking jobs in the following four catagories: marketing, design, startups and internet jobs.

The listings are mainly from tech companies such as Soundcloud or but the site serves as a good starting point for the English job hunt. The downside of this site is it can often be slow to load or does not load at all.

The Local

The Local is one of Germany’s leading news sites in English and it also offers a job search tool. The portal lists jobs by discipline and shows the number of jobs on offer in each sector. There are currently a lot of jobs on offer in the areas of Project Management, Engineering and IT, the majority of which are for native English speakers.



WebMagazin’s job listing section features up-to-date student jobs, full and part time jobs in tech companies in Berlin with the ability to filter your search based on the type of job you are looking for. Jobs listed on the site are predominantly in the tech/startup field and in English.


Woloho is a newsletter that updates its readers three times a week on the subjects of work, love and home. Their weekly work newsletter is a mixture of English and German jobs, ranging from ‘mini jobs’ to full time work.

There is no stereotypical employer on Woloho. The jobs featured are from various disciplines with establishments such as the Soho House or art galleries and PR firms seeking out their newest team members.

The listings will state the language preference, as well as providing contact details and application requirements.



Indeed is an excellent tool for job hunters. The search engine can be manipulated which ever way you like to tailor results to your needs. English speakers should simply add in the word ‘English’ into the search bar followed by other keywords to filter the job search.

It is also advisable to check when a job was posted before applying, as positions that are older than 30 days have more than likely been filled.


Sugarhigh is a daily bilingual magazine newsletter that focuses on culture and art in Berlin. The website also has a jobs listing section which can be a bit of an odd but interesting selection of roles ranging from barbers to graphic designers and shop assistants. You might get lucky and find something, but be prepared for a rather random mixture of jobs.


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Berlin Startup Jobs

Berlin Startup Jobs does exactly what it says on the tin and provides a comprehensive list of jobs and internships in the vibrant startup scene in Berlin. Read the job descriptions carefully and ensure you complete any requested tasks before sending in your C.V.

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