Writing in two languages on your smartphone
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When learning a new language, many smartphone users like to change their phone into that language. But that often means having to deal with an autocorrect function that keeps changing your text into a foreign language. For example, you might want your phone to be in English, but still also write in German or Spanish at the same time.

Here’s how to set up your phone in the right languages on iOS and Android.

iOS: Change your iPhone or iPad’s input languages (skip for Android)

1) Go to Settings -> General Settings -> International.

2) Under Language, you can set which language your phone should be in.

3) Under Keyboards, you can add a new keyboard for writing messages in.

Now whenever you write messages, you can press the globe icon (next to the spacebar) to change the writing language. Your keyboard and autocorrect will then switch between the languages listed in step three.

Screenshot: iOS

Screenshot: iOS7

Android: Change your smartphones input languages

1) Swipe down and go to Settings -> Language and Input.

2) If you want, you can change your phone’s default language by clicking on Language.

3) You can add a new language for writing in by going to Default -> Set up input methods.

4) Tap on the settings icon to the right of your active keyboard.

5) Go to “Choose input languages” and add a tick beside the language(s) you would like to write in.

From now on, whenever you write messages, the button to the right of your spacebar will show you what language you can type in (eg. EN, DE or ES). Tap it to switch between keyboards and autocorrect languages.

Screenshot: Android keyboard settings

Screenshot: Android keyboard settings

Now you’re a multilingual smartphone user!

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