BASTA! im Livestream: Living With Your Legacy
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Erleben Sie die Keynotes der BASTA! 2019 im Livestream. Heute: „Living With Your Legacy“ mit Julie Lerman.

Die BASTA! Mittwochs-Keynote im Live-Stream: Um 9:00 Uhr führt uns Julie Lerman ins Reich des Legacy-Codes. Sie zeigt, wie die Modernisierung bestehender Altsoftware vom schmerzvollen Bugfixing-Marathon zum spannenden Innovations-Projekt werden dann.

BASTA! Livestream – 9:00 Uhr


Keynote: Living With Your Legacy

While we all want to work on whiny new software with shiny new technology, the reality is that many developers and teams are stuck maintaining legacy systems. While typically these systems continue to work, maintaining them can be painful. Yet the cost of replacing the old systems with new ones is unimaginable and financially untenable for most companies. How do we deal with this situation without abandoning our clients who are not yet candiates for rewrites or even for lift and shift ? 30 year software veteran, Julie Lerman, will share some of her own experiences and tips for keeping clients businesses running while slowly helping them evolve to modern times and blending modern software practices into ancient systems.

Die Sprecherin:

Julie Lerman is a an independent consultant who works as a coach and mentor for software teams around the world, assisting with architecture, performance, and modernizing software practices. She is Microsoft Regional Director and a long-time Microsoft MVP who has been designing and coding software for thirty years. You can find Julie presenting on Domain-driven Design, Entity Framework, and many other topics at user groups and conferences around the world. Julie blogs at, is the author of the highly acclaimed “Programming Entity Framework” books, the MSDN Magazine Data Points column and popular videos on



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