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Spring Boot Advanced

Demystifying the Magic

Aufzeichnung verfügbar bis zum 08. November 2023

Aufzeichnung verfügbar bis zum 08. November 2023

Spring Boot Advanced

Demystifying the magic

Aufzeichnung verfügbar bis zum 08. November 2023

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Deepdive into the New Features of Spring Boot 3

Spring Boot is the first place to go when it comes to cloud development with Java. Join our experts Nikolai Neugebauer, Michael Graf and Rainer Hahnekamp at our latest Fullstack Live-Event on Spring Boot, as they dive into topics such as:

  • Making the most of AspectOriented Programming (AOP) in Java and Spring Boot
  • How to integrate Graal into the Spring Framework

 … and much more.

Register now and don’t miss your chance as we will dive deep into the new features of Spring Boot 3 and show you how to get the most out of your Spring Boot project!

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In the realm of software development, achieving loose coupling and maintaining the independence of various components within a larger system is a critical objective. This is not only achieved through the modularization of code, but you also have to focus on effectively separating cross-cutting concerns and business logic. One promising approach to accomplish this and reduce the boilerplate around the business logic is through Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP).

In our session, we delve into the principles and practical implementation of AOP within the context of Java and Spring Boot. We not only explore the architectural background of AOP but also shed light on its advantages. Additionally we demonstrate general shortcomings of AOP in Java, when compared to other programming languages. During our session, we aim to provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of when AOP is most appropriate and when it may not be the ideal solution for specific Scenarios.

In this talk, we explore Graal from three different perspectives. First, we delve into its history, examining its origins, the individuals or organizations involved, and most importantly, the driving force behind its development. Understanding the „why“ behind Graal sets the foundation for our exploration.

Next, we dive into the basics of Graal by demonstrating its functionality using a simple Java application. By examining its strengths and weaknesses in action, we gain a deeper understanding of its capabilities and limitations. This hands-on approach allows us to grasp the core concepts of Graal effectively.

Armed with this knowledge, we shift our focus to Graal’s integration into the Spring framework. By covering Graal’s history, exploring its fundamentals, and examining its integration with Spring, we gain a comprehensive understanding of this technology from multiple angles.

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