How to Become an Open Source Website Rockstar in 7 Easy Steps
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You love making websites. You’ve created sites for yourself and your friends and maybe, even a paying client. You’re having so much fun, you want to create websites as your day job, or maybe it is your day job and you just want to get known for your great work.

You build websites using some kind of open source software; that may be a content management system like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. Maybe you love using open source frameworks like HTML5Boilerplate, Bootstrap, or jQuery. Perhaps your tastes run geekier still, towards scripting languages like PHP or databases like postgreSQL.

Now you want to be a Website Rockstar, one of those people admired by the community for the work they do, one of those names that come to mind when you think about a website expert. People will call you for help, hire you at a good rate to make awesome, interesting sites, and pay you regularly. You’ll get asked to speak at events and travel all over the world.

Or maybe you’d just be happy with a freelance business where the work comes in without having to hunt and scramble for it every month!

Whatever your goal is, you can become a Website Rockstar in 7 easy steps.

  1. Improve your technical expertise.

Your tech skills could be better. If you know everything in the world about websites today, tomorrow there will be something new for you to learn.

If you don’t know hand-coded HTML and CSS, go learn. This is the #1 way you can improve your skillset. There are almost infinite resources out there for learning. Consider thousands of blog entries and tutorials, hundreds of books, free videos on YouTube, high-quality videos by rockstars at, the HTML Writer’s Guild courses, and courses at your local community college or university.

Courses are great if you need homework and feedback to help you learn. This is how I learn best, because there are homework deadlines to meet and assignments to complete. If I had to learn new skills as I had time, it would never happen. Something always seems to be more important than me learning a new skill without a deadline!

Already know HTML/CSS? There are other things to learn, so go learn them! What about responsive design, mobile layouts and alternatives, jQuery and JavaScript, graphic design, server configuration, PHP and databases… and so much more. You know that thing you know you need to learn, someday. Well, today’s the day! Go learn!


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