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PHP has absolutely exploded, quickly becoming the number one programming language for websites. And with the growth of the internet, and the demand for more versatile applications, the job market is at a premium.

However, as with anything technology related, PHP is constantly changing, with PHP 5.4 being released last March, and PHP 5.5 slated for sometime this year. To help keep up with the demand, and the ever changing technology, communities around the world have put together conferences, including the MidwestPHP Conference, which takes place March 2-3, this year in beautiful St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Mission

The whole purpose behind the MidwestPHP Conference is to help programmers advance their careers, to be introduced to new technologies, and network both locally and internationally. It was decided early on that MidwestPHP would be available at a low cost in order to allow as many people as possible to attend.

The very first thing that we decided on was that MidwestPHP Conference should be a full conference, two days, 30 speakers, and 40 sessions. With the help of the University of Minnesota, and generous sponsors, tickets are just $199!

Who’s Coming to Town?

Perhaps just as amazing as the support from the local community, is the support from the international PHP community and companies. After receiving over 180 submissions, the committee carefully narrowed the selection down to include speakers from the US, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands from companies such as Facebook, Oracle, Paypal, 10gen (the MongoDB company), Zend, NBC Universal, GSN Digital, Giftcards.com, EngineYard, ServerGrove, and Akiban, to name just a few.

The MidwestPHP Conference is proud to have noted speakers and authors (many who have spoken at other conferences around the world over the last few years), including Anthony Ferrara, Chris Hartjes, Helgi Thorbjoernsson, Josh Broton, Omni Adams, Pablo Godel, Peter MacIntyre, Sara Golemon, and Wim Godden. The full speaker list can be found at http://www.midwestphp.org


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