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Open source spotlight: Prepros
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This month, we speak to Subash Pathak about Prepros, a swiss army knife of a webdev tool which compiles all of your SASS/CoffeeScript/Haml, optimises your images, auto-refreshes your open windows and more.

WPM: Who’s behind Prepros?

Pathak: Most of the work on Prepros is done by me. Since Prepros is developed using open web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript it’s gaining lots of attention from community. Prepros was Windows only at first but Matt Clements (@mattclements) helped me to port it to OS X.

Why did you decide to start it? And why did you make it open-source?

I love preprocessing languages, but they add extra command line overhead to the workflow, so I decided to make Prepros to fill the gap and make the workflow seamless. I started Prepros as my fun side project for my own use. I was using Prepros internally for my own projects, and some of my friends were also using it and they suggested me to release it as a commercial app – but I decided to make it free so that everyone can benefit from it.

Why would you recommend using preprocessors like Sass and Coffeescript?

Preprocessors are like gems for web designers & developers. Preprocessors add additional features in the syntax and make the code more manageable and understandable. I think everyone should use preprocessing languages.

How can people get involved in the project, and what can they do to help out?

Prepros is developed using html, css and javascript so anyone who is using it can contribute. You can fork Prepros on GitHub and submit pull requests for improvements, features and bugfixes. You can see the issues on our GitHub issue tracker. You can also donate some bucks to Prepros project or you can sponsor Prepros.

Where do you hope to see the project in a year’s time?

We are working on features like Prepros for Linux, HTML includes, vanilla CSS and HTML refresh, a Firefox extension, jshint/jslint as well as adding support for more preprocessing languages. You can expect more releases with more features 🙂

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