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10 Social Media for Business Reality Checks

Social media marketing may be complex but ignore it at your own peril

A lasting, frankly stunning shift is taking place that will change the way business is conducted. A major aspect of this shift…

Physical Security Fail

How real world burglaries can teach you a lesson

A couple of years ago at DefCon 18, a security-centric conference in the US, a presenter called Zoz told the story of…

Develop your agile mindset

Developing small end to end increments is key!

On Scrum projects, teams talk about delivering a working increment of functionality every sprint but what does this mean exactly? Do teams…

PHP in the cloud

Are you building a website or a Web application using PHP? If you are, maybe it’s for a customer? Maybe you are…

Start Searching with Solr

Integrating Solr into any PHP project is easy with Solarium.

Solr has quickly become one of the most popular search engines available. Due to Solr’s many features and its low barrier to…

Level Crossings and Traffic Jams

Testing in real life scenarios and with your website or application

I live in a small city south of Munich, which has around 18,000 inhabitants. This city is the final stop on Munich’s…

How do you prepare for a presentation?

A teaser from the eBook Presenting For Geeks

Research Your Audience When the audience is at the centre of your presentation, it should be obvious that you need to see…

Database Indexing

An overview:Part 2

Types of Database Indexes Database Indexing is the subject of a voluminous amount of computer science research, discoveries, algorithms, and writings. Fortunately,…


In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed developer is king

In January I read a news story about a woman who wanted to drive from the outskirts of Brussels to the train…

The Power of PECL

Explore some of the less well known PECL extensions by example

Most PHP developers have heard of it, some have actually used it and a select few have even contributed to it. Yes,…

Using Recursion with PHP

Save time and increase programming efficiency with easy-to-use recursive techniques

Dictionary definition of recursion: See Recursion. Alright that joke’s an oldie but it’s also a goodie because it completely sums up the…

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