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Create your own picture processor in PHP

Using just a web server and the PHP scripting language, it’s easy to build a simple image editor with many of the features of top photo editing packages.

Manipulating images is a tool that more and more web programmers are having to add to their repertoire due to the growth…

Open source spotlight: RainLoop

Meeting the people behind the most exciting homegrown OSS projects.

This month, we speak to Usenko Timur about RainLoop (GitHub), a web-based email client built in PHP. WPM: Who’s behind RainLoop? Timur:…

This month’s top events (Nov 5-30)

A handpicked selection of some of the most exciting PHP events from around the world

The Orlando PHP Meetup Group Monthly MeetupNovember 7 // Orlando, FL, USA // Free This month’s meetup is a Coding Dojo, where…

Compile Your Style: Smarter CSS

Faced with a super-sized stylesheet, Ragnar Kurm developed a workflow for simplifying, modifying and automating his CSS. In the first instalment of this two-part guide, he explores the features of preprocessor SASS and how to optimize your selectors.

Image licensed by Ingram Image Have you ever written CSS for a big website with multiple layouts and found yourself lost in…

Equality in PHPland

PHP’s humble equality operator can return some confusing results. Sharon Lee Levy digs into the Zend engine’s source code to find a solution.

Image licensed by Ingram Image One of the questions posed during the Q&A period of my talk “PHP: Quirks, Gotchas & Wizardry”…

Column databases overview

Up to 100 times as fast as relational databases, column databases are the perfect choice for storing large, unchanging datasets.

In an earlier column, I reviewed some of the basic types of DBMS engines. Well, in this ever-expanding, rapidly changing field of…

Talks and the power of human interaction

For all the wonders of digital media, let’s not forget the importance of speaking in person, writes frequent conference-goer Stefan Priebsch.

The room was already filled with people, even if not all of the seats were taken yet. The conference speaker was setting…

Introducing the Symfony2 Content Management Framework

An official sub-project of Symfony2, the CMF isn’t “yet another CMS” but a powerful modular collection of libraries and bundles.

When starting a new web project, you have to decide whether it is a CMS project or an application. This is a…

Selling stuff Symfony-style with Sylius

Though only seven months old, this new ecommerce framework has gathered a massive following already thanks to its modular architecture and modern development processes – and its use of Symfony2.

Image licensed by Ingram Image Soon after the Internet became a mass medium, many systems developed in order to seize new opportunities….

Branching out with Twig

Separate your application’s logic from its views with the flexible template engine from the creator of Symfony

©iStockphoto.com/cultury Stand up if you’ve never used the amazing PHP construct include and/or require to assemble the layout of a website… I…

Advanced MySQL Query Tuning

A closer look at query optimization with a focus on queries with GROUP BY and ORDER BY, from Percona consultant Alexander Rubin.

In this article we will talk about query optimization with the focus on the queries with GROUP BY and ORDER BY. We…

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