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Community Corner

A handpicked selection of some of the most exciting PHP events from around the world and highlighting exciting homegrown OSS projects.

This month’s top events (July 2 – August 5)** A handpicked selection of some of the most exciting PHP events from around…

HTML5 Now: Mobile First

As pixel-crafters, we now have to design and create for not only many types of devices, but (more importantly) many different device sizes

The Problem Too often, when we are building websites or web applications for our customers, the mobile part comes last. Sometimes, it’s…

Getting started with Symfony Standard Edition

What can you do with Symfony2? Tom Van Looy gives an overview of the component-based framework.

The first important thing to say about Symfony is that it’s not just another framework. Symfony is a project that tries to…

„Trust us, our adservers are secure“

Online adverts aren’t just annoying: They open up a number of technical issues too, says thePHP.cc’s security expert.

Many people wholeheartedly hate them: Advertisements. Be it a commercial break in their favorite TV show, in-game ads or classical print campaigns…

Data Modeling 104: De-normalization

For web-scale performance, it’s necessary to disrupt your beautifully normalized data model.

This article continues the series on basic data modeling techniques. I will be referencing data modeling often in the future, as it…

Scope and Purpose

As developers, understanding our non-technical partners’ needs is the best way to develop great code, says Ben Greenaway.

It might be a brochure, a tool or a fully-fledged application that you last created with PHP. Whatever it was, chances are…

Daily Scrums explained

Forget boring, stuffy meetings: this is your team’s daily synchronization tool.

Before I tell you what the meeting is about, let me begin by telling you that, contrary to popular belief, the daily…

Conference preview: PHP Northeast

In August, four user groups will join forces to once again host some of the world’s top speakers.

The Northeast PHP Conference was born out of a humble conversation between organizers of the Boston PHP, Atlantic Canada PHP, and Burlington,…

Introduction to Document Databases with MongoDB

When should you drop your relational database for a shiny NoSQL alternative?

By now most you will probably have heard of the term NoSQL. It’s a vague term that covers a lot of different…

HTML5 Now: Responsive Web Design

The web has changed: it’s no longer just about making your website fit only on a desktop screen

The problem How often have you visited a website on your smartphone, only to get a really bad experience? You have to…

PHP From the Inside Out

PHP 5.5 co-release manager Julien Pauli provides a quick tour of PHP’s guts and how they fit together in action

PHP is a complex machine written using the C language (C99). Nowadays, the basic PHP distribution (including default extensions) consists of about…

Preparing for the Unthinkable

How an airline’s IT system was thwarted by a “race condition”

Every week I am where IT problems occur: sharing my experience with development teams around the world and helping them make better…

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