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Life as a WordPress plugin developer

We spoke to four top plugin developers to understand what it takes to build a chart-topping plugin

„It was sort of a natural evolution“ Duane Storey and Dale Mugford run BraveNewCode, the development studio behind mobile site plugin WPtouch….

Change the Past

Of all the things git can do, perhaps one of the most feared is the ability to rewrite history.

What sets Git apart from other version control systems is the amount of control it provides to its users. If you’re used…

The PHP Content Repository

PHPCR provides a rich API to store, retrieve and manipulate content along with its metadata.

Content centric applications have high requirements on their storage backends. Traditionally, many applications have built their own content storage logic on top…

Why do User Groups?

It takes more than enthusiasm to build a dynamic user group. In this article we consider the practical things that have built the Atlanta PHP User Group into the premier PHP community in the southeast United States.

Mark Zuckerberg’s main criticism of „The Social Network“ was that it fabricated a completely bogus reason for creating Facebook. Hollywood just couldn’t…

Extracting XML Data From RSS Files

In this article Robin Nixon shows you how to extract data from XML (such as that found in RSS files) by fetching data from a variety of financial websites.

The first version of RSS was released in 1999 for the my.netscape.com portal. This version became known as RSS 0.9. RSS 1.0…

Sprint Retrospective Primer

Retrospectives are a key part of Scrum because they allow teams to regularly review their processes and increase their efficiency as a team.

Remember those infamous “Lessons learned” meetings you used to attend at the end of each project? How many action plans came out…

Data Modeling 102

How to design a data model good enough to last forever.

Last month I talked about the importance of Data Modeling, and the fundamentals of how to build a workable model for your…

Urban Legends and Error Handling

When driving a 50-ton super-truck, you better make sure you've planned your route correctly.

We have all heard those stories that begin with „I know somebody“ or „I have heard of somebody“ before. You can never…

Managing your project’s dependencies with Composer

It's easy to manage the components of your PHP projects with the open-source Composer tool, as Jefersson Nathan de O. Chaves explains.

Composer is a manager of dependencies written in PHP and distributed in a form of a binary phar package. Simple and fast,…

Modern Client-Side Component Development

A web component is much more than JavaScript…

“There have been many attempts to come up with some sort of client-side package manager, and some of them do it very…

Create your own self-organizing teams

Give teams the space to learn from their mistakes and empower them!

In the last few months, I have often mentioned that self-organizing development teams are the key to any successful agile project. Having…

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