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Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2013
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The running joke at last year’s Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo1 was about the amount of DBA job postings on the networking boards and the number of speakers who mentioned during their talks that they were looking to hire DBAs. We believe the industry is even stronger this year than last so we expect even greater enthusiasm at this year’s conference, which takes place at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara and Santa Clara Convention Centre, April 22-25, 2013.

The 2012 conference was widely regarded as one of the best MySQL-focused conferences in years. As you probably recall, in 2011 when O’Reilly failed to announce a date for its popular MySQL conference, Percona stepped in. We weren’t willing to let the conference die and took concrete steps to secure a venue. It was a gamble for our company, but our commitment paid off as we received support from the likes of HP, Amazon Web Services, McAfee, Clustrix, Facebook, Google and many more.
We were truly gratified that so many people shared our passion for the MySQL community and we were extremely pleased when more than 1,000 enthusiastic people attended the event. Even more gratifying was the praise for the breadth and calibre of the sessions, much of it coming from people who had been attending the previous MySQL conferences for years, some since the inception of the April conference by MySQL AB. Florian Haas called it “awe-inspiring,” and Ronald Bradford2 wrote that it “was easily the best run, attended and energetic event in at least the past three years.” Robert Hodges3 agreed it was “the best in years,” and Darren Cassar4 called it “one of the best MySQL conferences since I started attending four years ago.”
In addition to the great conference sessions, some key takeaways from last year’s event included:

Exhibitors found that their target audience attended in large numbers and were actively engaged. Many exhibitors put on a great show with fun activities for the attendees. Attendees especially liked the radio-controlled helicopters and other goodies that were given out as prizes.
Many companies announced new product releases and partnerships during the conference: New Relic and Percona, SkySQL and PalominoDB, MariaDB, TokuDB, Twitter, Continuent, and Zmanda to name a few. You really never know what great industry news might be revealed at a major industry event like this!
Breakout sessions provided attendees with an opportunity to dive deep into a variety of topics spanning across the rich and diverse MySQL ecosystem, including database administration, developing applications, high availability strategies, new features, replication, trends in architecture and design, and more.
Companies including SkySQL/MariaDB, Sphinx, and Drizzle held well-attended, day-long gatherings on the day after the conference—an added benefit that made attending the conference even more valuable.

But as great as last year was, we believe that the 2013 version of the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo will blow last year’s conference away. That’s why we added a fourth day to the 2013 conference schedule! Also, the speaker list is quite extensive and impressive and is continuing to grow:

  • Matt Aslett of 451 Research, will present the keynote “MySQL, YourSQL, NoSQL, NewSQL – the State of the MySQL Ecosystem”, utilizing data from the currently open 451 Research 2013 Database survey5.
  • Robert Hodges, CEO of Continuent, will leverage over 30 years of database and application engineering experience in his keynote entitled, “Thinking Small About Big Data — How MySQL Can Thrive in the World of Massive Data Hype”.
  • Yoshinori Matsunobu, database engineer at Facebook, will speak on “Practical Failover Design – Automated, Semi-Automated and Manual Failover”.
  • Grant Allen, technology program manager, database architect at Google will offer “Google Cloud SQL – MySQL in the Cloud, One Year On”.
  • Patrick Galbraith, senior systems engineer at Hewlett Packard, will discuss “Managing MySQL with Chef”.
  • Chris Schneider, MySQL architect at, will address “MySQL and Hadoop”.
  • Vadim Tkachenko, CTO & co-founder of Percona, will explain “Percona XtraBackup: Old and New Features”.
  • Andrew Aksyonoff, CEO & CTO at Sphinx, will present “Full-Text Search: From Scratch to a HA Cluster”.
  • Evan Elias, core application engineering lead at Tumblr, will get technical with “Introduction to Sharding with Jetpants”.
  • Peter Zaitsev, CEO & co-founder of Percona, will give a keynote on the state of the MySQL ecosystem.


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