PHP in the cloud
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Are you building a website or a Web application using PHP? If you are, maybe it’s for a customer? Maybe you are creating a startup, and it’s your product? Maybe it’s just your company site? In all these scenarios, there is something we cannot argue with; the website or application is important for your business.

Hosting your application

On top of the quality of the architecture, the code and the tests, you should not underestimate the importance of the hosting your masterpiece. You may have the most amazing site or application, but if your customers cannot access it when they need it, it will fail. When you are looking to host your application, 5 things should come to mind.

  1. Scalability: What happens if the number of customers you have is growing faster than you were expecting? Would there be any predictable or unpredictable increase of usage on your site? Whatever happens you want to be able to answer the need of your users.
  2. Availability: You never know when a business opportunity may ring at your door. This means that your application or site needs to be up and running in case such an opportunity arises.
  3. Fault Tolerance: What happens if a hard disk fails? Do you have a plan b? What if there is a problem with any pieces of the puzzle that you need in order to host your site? Think of it as a sub-category of the availability element.
  4. Cost: Can you afford all the hardware, security elements and expertise in order to host your site yourself? Do you want to pay for something if you don’t use it to its full potential?
  5. Management: Do you have the expertise to manage the hosting part of the application yourself? Is there an easy way to handle this part of the process? Do the service providers you are looking for give you the latitude to access a more advanced way to do what you need to do?

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