When driving a 50-ton super-truck, you better make sure you've planned your route correctly.

Urban Legends and Error Handling
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We have all heard those stories that begin with „I know somebody“ or „I have heard of somebody“ before. You can never tell whether the story being told is true or just an urban legend. But then again, I guess that’s the whole point of an urban legend.

I could swear that I know somebody who knows somebody who has travelled the USA in an RV a few years back. Horror movie fans might already be predicting a gruesome end to this story, but don’t worry – nobody is going to get hurt in this column. You can continue reading this story to your children (as always, right?).

The tourists in their RV were on their way to Las Vegas, starting out from south of the Grand Canyon. If you’re not familiar with the area, you may not realise that it is not possible to cross the Grand Canyon by car, a hard limit that is non-negotiable.

So when it comes to planning your route, you are somewhat limited in the choice of roads that you can take. Now the big mistake that the tourists made was that they did not take into account that, due to the size of their car, they might not be able to use every available road.

In due course, they ended up in front of an underpass which their car could not fit through. They had to back up for several hours to find an alternative route and basically lost a whole day.

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