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Web and Php Issues

December 2013

In the final ever issue of Web & PHP, learn how to speed up your site with Nginx, automate your […]

November 2013

This is the magazine you’re looking for – stuffed full of tutorials and useful tidbits. Newbies might be surprised to […]

October 2013

What can you do with Symfony2? Quite a bit, judging by the exciting new open source projects being built on […]

September 2013

If Flash is dead, how can we create rich interactive media on the web? This month’s lead features provide two […]

August 2013

Sometimes you don’t need the kitchen sink to get your work done! In this issue, learn how you can create […]

July 2013

Which do you prefer: PHP or Node.js? On second thoughts, why can’t we have both? Learn how to create a […]

June 2013

Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s something for everybody in this month’s issue of Web & […]

May 2013

You may already be familiar with Git, but did you know that it can rewrite time itself? GitHubber Ben Straub […]

April 2013

Welcome to April’s issue of Web & PHP Magazine. The past month has been a month of change for us; […]

March 2013

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us… its Web & PHP Magazine’s first birthday! It’s hard to believe that […]

February 2013

Welcome to issue 11. We’ve got a great selection of articles in the second issue of 2013, and we hope […]

January 2013

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you are all relaxed and well fed after the Christmas break. Download the […]

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