Elevate Your Deployment Game at CI/CD Day

Exclusive Insights for Next-Level Software Delivery Success!

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Elevate Your Deployment Game at CI/CD Day

Expert insights on releasing Software

Live from DevOpsCon San Diego: Join our experts Michael Dowden, Garima Bajpai and Andrew Fong for expert insights on releasing software, strategizing continuous delivery, and navigating hypergrowth at tech giants like YouTube and Dropbox. A half day workshop is waiting for you bringing you exclusive insights for next-Level Software Delivery Success! 


In DevOps, we spend a lot of time discussing the best way to deploy software and the various ways to monitor our deployed application, but sometimes we overlook the release process. When we release software we’re not so much performing an engineering task as we are supporting a business function with technical expertise. In this talk, we’ll break down some of the objectives of a release along with corresponding product and business activities and how we can leverage DevOps to support them. We’ll talk about the importance of UX and how our approach to releases can impact our users.

With the rise of continuous delivery practices, the role of leaders is transforming. This talk will provide leaders with enhanced skills to onboard to continuous delivery into organizations with confidence. It will enable next-generation leadership perspective with building capacity to align continuous delivery investments into tools, practices, and skills needed to create new business opportunities and scale them. We will give an overview of Continuous Delivery business values, including the basics, practices, and pipeline, Continuous Delivery, managing a Continuous Delivery culture with open source, and continuous innovation by conceptualizing open source innovation and managing intellectual property rights. Learn about the governance paradox, evolving reference architecture, SBOM maturity, and cost management techniques. In this talk, we study the relationship between AI and APIs, such as the use of AI as an API-based component in applications, the creation of more powerful AI services with the help of API-based data, and the impact of AI on the process of designing and developing APIs. As it becomes clear that AI and APIs are complementary technologies, and better if used together in the right way, we develop a framework of architectural patterns for API-based, AI-powered applications. While potential implications of bringing these two technologies together look promising and allow to more dynamic distributed systems, concerns for safety and security need to be taken serious. To mitigate these risks, proper AI & API governance become more important than ever.

Andrew will discuss his experience building continuous delivery systems through the hypergrowth phase of engineering organizations. He will focus on the lessons and principles he has learned at YouTube and Dropbox where he saw systems scale exponentially in headcount and system scale. He will discuss how those principles shaped his opinions of building a great developer experience that „defaults to fast.“

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