Mastering the principles of secure by design

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Mastering the Principles of Secure by Design

Place security at the center of product development!

Recording available until 16. October 2024


Develop robust products free from bugs and vulnerabilities

„Secure by Design“ software development processes are systematically applied throughout the development lifecycle. This deep dive takes a closer look at how to develop robust products free from bugs and vulnerabilities.

The “Secure by Design” software development process is a systematic method that is applied throughout the entire development lifecycle and places security at the center of product development.

The aim is to develop robust products that are free from bugs, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities – instead of relying on patches or software updates. However, “Secure by Design” is a theory and not a legally regulated standard practice. Together we will look at several principles that will make your products more secure!

Get to know our expert

Rico Komenda - Adesso SE

Rico is a Senior Security Consultant at adesso SE. His focus is on application security, cloud security and AI security. For him, general security awareness in various aspects is a top priority. Today’s security world is constantly changing and you should always familiarize yourself with the latest technologies and methods.

Rico is a national and international speaker at various conferences on different IT security topics. As a husband and father of two, he enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the world with them.

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