ML Fundamentals for Software Professionals

Supercharge your career with AI

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ML Fundamentals for Software Professionals

Master the fundamentals of Machine Learning

This half-day workshop equips software professionals like you with the fundamentals of Machine Learning (ML), exploring supervised and unsupervised learning, data management, and MLOps. Empowering you to identify potential ML challenges and opportunities within your own company and role.


AI has an extensive impact on our lives, from music recommendations to autonomous driving. Companies need to leverage advanced AI systems to stay competitive and create innovative offerings for their customers. But what does this mean, from a technical perspective, for your business?

In this workshop, we want to introduce software professionals to modern Machine Learning problems, in order to develop in one day the understanding of where the journey could go in their own company. We’ll look at the basics of supervised and unsupervised learning, discuss the flood of data that needs to be managed and its quality; and round it all off with some MLOps topics. The goal is not to train experts in one day, but to make software experts aware of what challenges can arise in connection with ML in future software projects.

Get to Know Our Experts

Christian Fässler - adnexo GmbH

Christian Fässler, the founder of adnexo GmbH in Zürich, is an entrepreneur in the field of engineering and lecturer for IoT and Machine Learning at the Ostschweizer Fachhochschule OST. His company specializes in providing IoT development services. With a diverse professional background, he has served numerous global clients across various industries, including cybersecurity, advertising, and automotive. His keen interest lies in exploring the potential of IoT applications and utilizing machine learning techniques to extract valuable insights from sensor data. Guided by his work philosophy: „The secret of getting ahead is getting started.“

Martin Stypinski - Veemg GmbH

Martin Stypinski is the founder of Veemg GmbH in Zürich, a software engineering and consulting company, and the vice-dean of studies for the post-diploma degree in „Machine Learning for Software Engineers“ at the Ostschweizer Fachhochschule in Rapperswil. Over the past fifteen years, he worked in multiple engineering positions in the software industry and applied research. He is passionate about Machine Learning and Software challenges „beyond CRUD“.

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