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Webinale 2018 Livestream: Scaling Sparta – Militärlektionen für das Wachstum eines Entwicklerteams
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Die Webinale 2018 ist die holistische Webkonferenz für digitale Professionals, Trendsetter und Macher im World Wide Web. Wer nicht dabei sein kann, findet hier den Live-Stream zur Eröffnungskeynote.

Scaling Sparta

Eröffnet wird die Webinale 2018 von Emily Freeman, Software-Entwicklerin bei Kickbox, die uns erklärt, was wir von Sparta über das gesunde Wachstum eines Unternehmens lernen können. Verfolgen Sie die Keynote im Livestream:

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2018
09:30 – 10:15: Scaling Sparta – Military Lessons for Growing a Dev Team

Scaling systems is hard, but we’re developers — that’s kind of our thing. Scaling people? Well, that’s significantly harder. Humans are complicated.

Broadly speaking, companies have three stages of development: infancy, those awkward teenage years and — if they survive the trials of adolescence — adulthood. An infant startup is so drastically different from its adult incarnation that they can be considered different companies. Each will have a unique mission and culture.

Scaling isn’t just about making what you have bigger. An ant can’t be scaled to the size of an elephant. Because the internal structure is fundamentally different. Instead, companies have to evolve. But companies aren’t living, breathing organisms. They’re collections of people — families, tribes and civilizations. So how do you scale a team of two to twenty? The answer starts over 2,000 years ago in Sparta.

Die Sprecherin:

After many years of ghostwriting, Emily Freeman made the bold (insane?!) choice to switch careers into software engineering. Emily is the curator of — a collection of JavaScript articles which attracts 32,000 visitors in the month of January. A former competitive powerlifter, she works as a developer advocate for Kickbox and lives in Denver, Colorado.

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