International JavaScript Conference & International PHP Conference live verfolgen: Keynotes diese Woche im Livestream!

Tales from the wrong end – a maintainer’s story of open source & CVEs: Die Livestreams von IPC & iJS zum Nachschauen
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Sind Progressive Web Apps der Beginn eines neuen Zeitalters der Cross-Plattform-Entwicklung? Maxim Salnikov antwortet darauf jetzt in der Eröffnungskeynote der International JavaScript Conference & International PHP Conference. Ihr könnt die Keynote hier live verfolgen!

Diese Woche finden die International JavaScript Conference und International PHP Conference in München statt. Auf den Schwesterkonferenzen geht es um alles, was zur Web-Tech-Welt gehört. Ob JavaScript, PHP, Progressive Web Apps oder neuste Trends wie WebAssembly, Container und die Blockchain: Experten für verschiedene Fachgebiete und Bereich der Web-Welt kommen zusammen und teilen ihr Wissen in zahlreichen Sessions und vier Keynotes. Wer nun nicht nach München fahren kann, geht trotzdem nicht leer aus: Alle vier Keynotes könnt ihr bei uns auch im Livestream verfolgen! Der erste Stream startet morgen um 9 Uhr: Wir übertragen die Eröffnugnskeynote von Maxim Salnikov. Hier sind die Livestream-Links für euch:

Dienstag, 16.10., 9 Uhr: Is a new Cross-platform Development Era coming? | Maxim Salnikov (ForgeRock)

Beschreibung: Having a single codebase for the main mobile platforms applications is a Holy Grail for many developers. There are some different approaches like using some existing programming languages (not related to mobile dev) and “compile” to native, or creating a synthetic language, or using JavaScript and wrap by the native code (or run in VM). The results are often slow, cumbersome and quite far from having real “native” feeling. What if we want to add more platforms like native desktop apps and web-based ones? The listed methods will not help us there at all.

What could be the real unifying factor for the app platforms we have now, both mobile, desktop and web-based? Right! We have browsers everywhere, that means we can run JavaScript everywhere and the only questions are how to “unbind” it from online-only usage pattern, how to give an access to main hardware APIs without any plugins, and how to let the apps out from the browser UI.

Progressive web apps idea is gaining momentum among web developers, but let’s have a look at it from the mobile developer’s point of view. Is this a real new cross-platform silver bullet?

Dienstag, 16.10., 17:15 Uhr: Metamorphosis: From Database-Driven to DDD | Julie Lerman, Software Coach

Beschreibung: In Franz Kafka’s famous German novel, Gregor Samsa awoke to find himself transformed into a gigantic insect-like creature. Julie Lerman was more fortunate. After decades of designing software based on the needs of the data to be stored, she woke up to the beauty of Domain-driven Design. On the IJS keynote stage, she will share some of big ideas from DDD about client collaboration, strategic design and tactical patterns to help you find a smoother path for solving complex software problems.

Mittwoch, 17.10., 9 Uhr: Angular, React, Vue and Co. – peacefully united thanks to Web Components and Micro Apps | Manfred Steyer (

Beschreibung: Web development is exciting nowadays! We get new innovative technologies on a regular basis. While this is awesome it can also be overwhelming – especially when you have to maintain a product for the long term.
Web Components and Micro Apps provide a remedy for this dilemma. They allow for decomposing a big solution into small self-contained parts that can be maintained by different teams using the best technology for the requirements in question. Come to this keynote and find out how this idea helps with writing applications that can evolve over a decade and more.

Donnerstag, 18.10., 13.45 Uhr: Tales from the wrong end – a maintainer’s story of open source & CVEs | Marcus Bointon (Synchromedia Limited)

I’m the maintainer of a *very* popular open-source PHP package – [PHPMailer]( In December 2016, two critical remote code execution vulnerabilities were found in PHPMailer, affecting potentially tens of millions of sites. There’s a lot that goes on behind a CVE number – I’d been involved in reporting some minor security issues in the past, but nothing of this magnitude, and never at the receiving end, so I found myself at the start of a steep learning curve and an emotional roller-coaster. This is the story of how I ended up as the maintainer of a major open-source project, dealing with the project, handling vulnerabilities, contributions, donations and more.

International PHP Conference

Frameworkless – the new black?

by Carsten Windler (KW-Commerce GmbH)

Getting started with PHP-FFI

by Thomas Bley (Bringmeister GmbH)

JSON-Schema von 0 auf 100

by Ingo Walther (Electronic Minds GmbH)

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