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LIVESTREAM: Data to the Rescue! Predicting and Preventing Accidents at Sea – Machine Learning Conference 2019
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Die Machine Learning Conference 2019 in Berlin bringt KI-, Deeplearning- und Voice-Experten zusammen, um die neuesten Trends und Praxiserfahrungen aus dem Bereich des maschinellen Lernens zu diskutieren. Wir sind vor Ort dabei und streamen die Keynotes live!

Data to the Rescue! Predicting and Preventing Accidents at Sea

Die zweite Keynote des Tages wird von Dr Yonit Hoffman gehalten, die uns in die Praxis der Prävention von Seeunglücken einführt – natürlich mithilfe von Machine Learning.

Dienstag, 10.Dezember, 13:30 – 14:00 Uhr

Session abstract:

Accidents at sea happen all the time. Their costs – in terms of lives, money and environmental destruction – are huge. Wouldn’t it be great if they could be predicted and perhaps prevented? With more than 350 years of history, the marine insurance industry is the first data science profession to try to predict accidents and estimate future risk. Yet the old ways no longer work, new waves of data and algorithms can offer significant improvements and are going to revolutionise the industry. In my talk, I will show that it is now possible to predict accidents, and how data on a ship’s behaviour such as location, speed, maps and weather can help. I will show how fragments of information on ship movements can be gathered and taken all the way to machine learning models. I will discuss the challenges, including introducing machine learning to an industry that still uses paper and quills (yes, really!) and explaining the models using SHAP.


Die Sprecherin

Dr Yonit Hoffman is a Senior Data Scientist at Windward, a world leader in maritime risk analytics. Before investigating supertanker accidents, she researched human cells and cancer at the Weizmann Institute, where she received her PhD and MSc. in Bioinformatics. Yonit also holds a BSc. in computer science and biology from Tel Aviv University.


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