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This holiday season, give your site the gift of asynchronous reverse proxy server Nginx.

Merry Nginxmas: A beginner’s guide

Nginx (pronounced “engine x”) is an open source reverse proxy server for http, https, and the smtp, imap and pop3 […]

What if you could automate deploying your sites, restoring your database, and sending out reports? With Phing, you can do all this and more.

Automate ALL the Phings!

Phing, which stands for “Phing is not GNU make”, is a command line build tool. You write an XML file […]

Sometimes you actually do need to know how it works. GitHubber Ben Straub shows how learning Git’s internals helps explain its odder qualities.

Git is simple (on the inside)

Image licensed by Ingram Image The way we use most computer systems is through a metaphor. When you’re using a […]

PHP 5.5 Release Manager Julien Pauli explains how PHP’s source code handles the language’s most essential – and, on the surface, simplest – feature.

How PHP manages variables

You all know $variables in PHP. Here we’ll show how PHP manages those variables as you write lines of code. […]

Oversized CSS files? Split your monolithic styles into easily-managed chunks – and then put them back together using SASS and Make.

Compile Your Style: Structuring and automating CSS

Editor’s note: This is the second part of Ragnar Kurm’s guide to Many Layouts Side-By-Side (MLSBS), a methodology for dealing […]

Meeting the people behind the most exciting homegrown OSS projects.

Open source spotlight: PHP-CPP

This month, we speak to Emiel Bruijntjes about PHP-CPP, a new library for writing PHP extensions in C++. WPM: Who’s […]

A handpicked selection of some of the most exciting PHP events from around the world.

This month’s top events (Dec 11 – Jan 4)

Beer.jsDecember 12 // Oviedo, FL, USA // Free Free beer is promised, in addition to discussion of four node modules […]

There’s more to software quality than a few unit tests and system tests. All levels of your software should be covered, writes Sebastian Bergmann.

End-to-end tests: not the be-all and end-all

Software is never perfect. Failures of software make the news and damage the reputation of companies and organizations. A rather […]

Complex queries and fuzzy matches are easy with open source search and analytics tool Elasticsearch. Zachary Tong shows how to get to grips with the PHP driver.

Stretching your data with Elasticsearch

Image licensed by Ingram Image Regardless of your domain, you have data. Perhaps it is e-commerce data and product listings. […]

Using just a web server and the PHP scripting language, it’s easy to build a simple image editor with many of the features of top photo editing packages.

Create your own picture processor in PHP

Manipulating images is a tool that more and more web programmers are having to add to their repertoire due to […]

Meeting the people behind the most exciting homegrown OSS projects.

Open source spotlight: RainLoop

This month, we speak to Usenko Timur about RainLoop (GitHub), a web-based email client built in PHP. WPM: Who’s behind […]