The user's context matters, how to incorporate this when designing an application

Discovering Insights to Improving User Experience with Service Design Tools
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Customer journey models are a tool often used in service design, that can provide to your web app’s design by synthesizing all your front-end research, gaining buy-in across stakeholders and discovering new insights about how they may behave.

Tara Wilson wants to paint her second bedroom. She begins by searching the web for pictures of bedrooms in order to get a sense of various decoration styles. She views photos on her iPhone on her way to work and shows a co-worker some of her ideas during a break on her desktop computer. Later that evening, she informs her friends about her conversations at work and shares the photos she looked at on her Facebook wall using her iPad.

This cross-device behaviour is not uncommon. A recent study by Google shows that 90% of users are now moving across devices to accomplish a goal.The report discussed how context matters. Where is the user? How much time do they have? What are they currently doing? Their situation is incredibly important to them, so why not consider it when you are designing how they may interact with your app/site/platform/product?

The high points of the Google report state that mobile is the starting point for any inline interaction, tablets are starting points for shopping and travel planning and desktops are starting points for more complex activities. Digital products (web and mobile apps) are really not products themselves, they are services. Let’s use the right tools to design them and arm your team with insights that guide the structure of your product, site or application.

We hear plenty of talk about the power of design. It is a very pragmatic discipline. Look around you, nearly everything you touch has been designed. For this particular scenario, design attempts to ask (and answer) questions such as: what should the customer experience be like? What should the employee experience be like? How does a company maintain a consistent brand essence and stay relevant to its customers? How might we take the principles of design and stretch them to examine the intangibles?


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