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Open source spotlight: Kint

Meeting the people behind the most exciting homegrown OSS projects.

This month, we speak to Rokas Šleinius about Kint, a drop-in replacement for PHP’s native debugging functions. WPM: Who’s behind Kint? Šleinius:…

Creating business tools in cyberspace? Think Different!

Ben Greenaway discusses the open source software and sustainable business movements and argues that an overly simplified cloud on-ramp would be a mistake.

Over the past few weeks I have been giving a series of workshops and talks for Impact Hub, Kings Cross. This collaborative,…

Security holes? Who cares?

To err is human, but to ignore the warnings of independent security researchers is just downright silly, writes Arne Blankerts.

Every now and then, things go wrong. This is how life is and there is probably nothing we can really do about…

Conference preview: Percona Live London

Book your ticket to hear from the likes of MySQL and MariaDB creator Monty Widenius and VP MySQL Engineering Tomas Ulin on November 11–12, 2013.

According to one attendee, last year’s Percona Live MySQL Conference in London “was even more interesting than the first edition, and I…

What’s the draw of Canvas?

HTML5 has introduced a whole new way to display multimedia content in the browser. Learn how to paint masterpieces in code.

Image licensed by Ingram Image. You love developing for the web, you’ve done this for quite a while and you’ve have seen…

Getting animated with Bonsai

A guide to using the Flash-beating JavaScript graphics library, from one of its creators

What is Bonsai and some History Bonsai is an open source graphics library that intends to make creation of graphical content easy….

Skillab: Inside a teaching revolution

We meet the pair behind a new scheme where experienced coders share their knowledge with technophobic beginners.

Skillab founders Benjamin Greenaway and Octavia Hirst. Software may be eating the world, but the invasion of computers (and the web) into…

Working with PHP on the Google Cloud Platform

One of the biggest players in the cloud hosting industry has finally opened its doors to PHP applications. JetBrains’ Maarten Balliauw shows how easy it is to get your app up and running.

At Google I/O this year, the web company announced support for PHP on Google App Engine. We can now make use of…

This month’s top events (September 2 – 30)

A handpicked selection of some of the most exciting PHP events from around the world.

PHP East Midlands – September meetupSeptember 5 // Leicester, UK // Free Rob Allen will be giving a talk introducing Dependency Injection…

Open source spotlight: Prepros

Meeting the people behind the most exciting homegrown OSS projects.

This month, we speak to Subash Pathak about Prepros, a swiss army knife of a webdev tool which compiles all of your…

Case study: Distributed data mining with PHP

How a team created a web scraper with a service-oriented Architecture using Gearman, RabbitMQ and MongoDB.

About 2 years ago, our team started to work on an interesting analytics project, and the general technical goal was processing data…

Building Realtime Web Apps with PHP

In part 2 of Phil Leggetter’s guide to realtime PHP apps, we take a lightning tour of the many options available to developers.

In the first part of this two part series I discussed the history of realtime web technologies and how using them directly…

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