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Scaling For Big Data
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Welcome to the first article in my new column Scaling for Big Data. This column will be an exciting project, covering a variety of topics and techniques on scaling your database to meet the ever-challenging requirements of the rapid growth in transaction and data volumes.

You could say that we are currently experiencing a data boom, with databases growing faster and larger than ever conceived even just a few years ago. Every application depends on its data. If you are one of those very clever developers building the next great social media app, working on the hottest new game technology, or concentrating on core business functions like ecommerce or traditional enterprise functionality, then database technology is critical to everything you do.

I know from hard work and experience, that understanding database technology is often the key to success in an application, or the cause of untold frustration, long hours and outright failures. Doing it right can make you a huge success, and missing the mark can spell disaster. It can seem a daunting task to learn everything you need to know about database technology so that you can make the right decisions, yet the truth is all database management systems (DBMS) work on the same principles and share the same concepts. Once you know the fundamentals, you can understand and utilize any database technology in an effective manner, delivering on the promise of your application.


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